TX Trippin’: Add The Lazy Lavender to your “Happy Space” list

This Wimberley destination will take you away to a relaxing retreat that will inspire you with whimsy decor and all the little things that make you smile

SA Live's Jen Tobias-Struski takes us to the ultimate "happy space" in Wimberley

WIMBERLEY – Arrive at The Lazy Lavender with a smile and it likely won’t stop, it may even grow bigger as you step inside one of the five rental properties located in Wimberley, Texas.

“If I were invited on a trip by my husband and he didn’t tell me where I was going and he took me to this house, I would just be the happiest girl,” owner Nathali Barlas said. “So, I think it would be a great romantic getaway--don’t tell your sweetheart where you’re taking her and just surprise her with this space when she walks in.”

A surprise sounds great, but be sure to plan ahead because The Lazy Lavender is quickly gaining recognition, with the help of social media influencers who are sharing their experiences at the three newest additions: The Treehouse, The Pink Artsy House, and The Artsy Cabin.

SA Live's Jen Tobias-Struski hits the road to Wimberley for the ultimate "happy space" destination

“I wanted to incorporate that whimsy and artistic touch and I think we’ve done that in all three of the new properties because they are all different--they’re very different than what you find out here in the Hill Country, and I wanted to give people a space that they could have an experience,” Nathali said.

Owners Nathali and Cengiz Barlas tell us this place is meant to “inspire joy” and that’s something we recognized right away.

Cengiz & Nathali Barlas are owners of The Lazy Lavender (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

The couple originally bought the Wimberley property two years ago as a personal getaway, since then, they have grown to have five properties you can rent out through Airbnb.

“Wimberley is such a great town, you have the arts, you have the vineyards, the breweries you have restaurants, you have the river and the parks,” owner Cengiz Barlas said.

Nick Chappell owner of Sanctuary Builders of Texas helped bring the Barlas family’s vision to life.

“I think they lost sleep just thinking about amazing ideas,” Chappell said. “I think it’s really clear that the passion for design and the passion for creating awesome spaces shows in what they have created.”

Nick and Nathali tell us they are available to help anyone interested in inquiring about building their own “happy space,” please click here for more information.

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