Have an emergency? A freestanding emergency room may be able to help

A freestanding emergency room can treat serious, sometimes life-threatening medical conditions

A freestanding emergency room can treat serious, sometimes life-threatening medical conditions

When emergencies occur, you may not know where to go and what level of care you need. And sometimes, a hospital is not always the most accessible option.

For life’s everyday emergencies, a freestanding emergency room can allow you to be close to home.

But what is a freestanding emergency room?

A freestanding emergency room is a full-service emergency room that is physically separate from a hospital. They are located in your neighborhood, allowing quick and convenient access to medical care in your backyard.

They are open 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with specially trained ER and trauma physicians, registered nurses, and other medical staff on-site.

There are differences in the level of care between a freestanding emergency room and an urgent care facility.

A freestanding emergency room is capable of treating serious, sometimes life-threatening emergency medical conditions. For example, a patient experiencing chest pains, respiratory distress, abdominal pain, broken bones or dislocated joints, serious infections, injuries, stroke symptoms, and more can visit a free-standing emergency room for quality care.

While an urgent care facility is a good option for patients who are experiencing minor injuries or common illnesses.

“For example, our level of care is highly specialized as we have our own in-house diagnostic equipment, including a 64-slice CT scanner and a dedicated x-ray suite, We have the ability to perform x-rays directly on patients in their private exam rooms, In addition to a full-service laboratory, ultrasound and telemetry equipment,” Dr. Brad Boothby said.

These emergency rooms can be important to the community. By investing in freestanding emergency rooms, Methodist Healthcare is creating more access points within local neighborhoods for high-quality healthcare.

They allow for there to be a continuum of healthcare, close to patients’ homes versus having to drive to their local hospital. Methodist ER New Braunfels, a freestanding emergency room, is an extension of Methodist Hospital Northeast emergency department.

Therefore, should patients require acute or specialized care, the ER can provide transfer to Methodist Hospital Northeast or another Methodist Healthcare facility at no cost.

To learn more about the emergency care offered at Methodist ER New Braunfels, visit sahealth.com.