Check out Toyota's famous Tundra 'Marshmallow' that escaped Camp Fire in California

SAN ANTONIO – If you did not see the feature on the famous Toyota "Marshmallow" Tundra, get ready to be amazed at how this vehicle has gone through literal fires and still operates properly.

Allyn Pierce, a survivor from the California wildfire, brought his Toyota Tundra to the San Antonio Toyota Plant to show it off to the same people who helped build the truck.

The Toyota Tundra has melted plastic and chipped paint on the passenger side of the truck, which is white making the vehicle look like a marshmallow. 

Pierce used the Tundra to escape the Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California's history.

"I know it's a truck, but to me, it's what allowed me to see my family," Pierce said.

Toyota has since given Pierce a new Tundra, while his old one was bought by Toyota.

When Pierce visited the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant on the South Side earlier this year, he had a chance to meet with the same workers who helped build the vehicle.

"Just to be able to bring it here with the people that assembled this vehicle that kept me safe, it's an honor. It really is," Pierce said.      

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