WATCH: Jordan Brand releases new ‘The Kawhi Question' commercial

Spurs star forward Leonard is a candidate for 2017 NBA MVP

Courtesy: Jordan Brand YouTube page
Courtesy: Jordan Brand YouTube page

SAN ANTONIO – Is it his offense or is it his defense? That’s the question Jordan Brand is raising about Spurs star forward Kawhi Leonard just one day before the NBA’s new awards show Monday.

Leonard, who’s been a member of Jordan Brand since 2014, is featured in a new commercial titled “The Kawhi Question.” 

The commercial starts with a moderator of a debate-style setting asking two separate sides if Leonard is an offensive or defensive genius.

The offense side starts by stating, “Kawhi (Leonard) gets buckets” whereas the defensive side counters, “It’s Kawhi’s own lock-down D that towers supreme.”

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In his sixth season in the league, Leonard, 25, was nominated as a candidate in this year’s NBA MVP race for the second time in his career alongside Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Houston Rockets’ James Harden.

The candidacy comes after Leonard’s stellar offensive performance scoring his best regular season numbers of 25.5 points per game off 48 percent shooting, along with 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game.


Despite being an MVP-candidate, Leonard is also in the running for this year’s Defensive Player of the Year after winning the DPOY award the past two years.

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For Spurs and NBA fans across the world, Leonard is seen as the all-around, two-way versatile NBA star, which is why Jordan Brand is begging the question what makes up his game.

However, the brand ends the commercial with a hypothetical question that will have fans thinking: Could Kawhi get buckets on Kawhi?

So Spurs fans, let us know: Can he?

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