Spurs' Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Rudy Gay, visit children's shelter to spread Christmas cheer

Spurs spread Christmas spirit at children's shelter

SAN ANTONIO – It was an exciting day for children at a local shelter when they were surprised by a Christmas carnival, presents, and some very special visitors.

Those special visitors were none other than Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, and Rudy Gay of the San Antonio Spurs. 

The faces of the children and their counselors lit up as the Spurs were introduced. The Coyote even led a “Go Spurs Go” chant while the players walked inside.

The players signed autographs, took photos, and even played outside with the kids. The carnival included a petting zoo, sledding, carnival games, a food truck, pony rides, and more.

“We know we are followed, appreciated, and admired, so we try to just return something. And this was a great opportunity. Not only to the kids themselves that are going through some tough times but also to  people who come here and help. And they’re here every day, all year long, summer, winter, every month of the year. And they make this place great, so we wanted to come and thank them,” Ginobili said.

The Christmas Carnival is sponsored by H-E-B Group Vice President of Marketing and Advertising Cory Basso, and friends at the shelter.

Silver Dancers and even Mr. and Mrs. Claus made an appearance at the fun event.

“A few kids maybe never had a chance to go to a game, watch us on TV, so to see us around could be important to some kids. Some others probably didn’t even know who we were,” Ginobili said, “but at the same time we are here and we are showing them that we care.”

Green said while it’s always important to give back, it’s extremely special to do so during the holidays.

“It’s Christmas time.. it’s a great time of year. We got some snow here a few days ago, even got some fake snow out here. Kids get to sled a little bit, Santa Claus, kids believe in that, you know it’s something to believe in. Something to enjoy and give some hopefulness around this time of the year.” 

The Spurs have two days off before they take on the Houston Rockets in Houston this Friday at 8 p.m.