Spurs player shares connection, special message for NFL star sidelined by spinal injury

Danny Green believes Ryan Shazier will see field again

SAN ANTONIO – When Ryan Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury on Dec. 4 during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, messages poured in on social media for the Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker. One of those messages was from Spurs shooting guard Danny Green.

Green told KSAT he met Shazier over the summer. The two have mutual friends and Green’s girlfriend knows Shazier’s fiancee, Michelle Rodriguez, very well.

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As with most the country, Green has continued to follow Shazier’s recovery closely.

“We know he’s going to bounce back. I know he’s a fighter, great guy, just hope for the best and continue to pray for him,” Green said after a recent Spurs home game.

Shazier had stabilization surgery about a month ago and his father told WPXI in Pittsburgh that his son had regained feeling in his legs.

Shazier also made an appearance this week at practice as the Steelers prepared for their divisional playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Green said he and his girlfriend are encouraged by Shazier’s progress, but he understands there is still long recovery ahead.

"He’s a tough guy, if anybody can bounce back from something like this, I know it will be him,” Green said.

There is no guarantee Shazier will play again. The rehabilitation process will be arduous, but Green believes as do many others, that the two-time pro bowl player will see the field again.

Green’s not ready to close the book on Shazier’s career.

"I think we’ll be having a good story from him,” Green said. “Hopefully sometime next year, or the year after, on how well he recovers and bounces back.”

And Green will be waiting for that next chapter, praying and supporting his friend from San Antonio.

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