Where in the world is Kawhi Leonard?


OAKLAND, Calif. – Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard was nowhere to be seen at the Spurs' Saturday night playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, leaving many fans and members of the media wondering: Where in the world is Kawhi Leonard?

Many took to Twitter to comment on Leonard's absence from the playoff game as the Spurs were decimated by the Warriors. The Spurs ultimately lost the first game of the series, 113-92.

Despite being cleared by Spurs medical staff two months ago, Leonard has continued to recover from an injury to his right quadriceps under the care of a medical team in New York.

Leonard has appeared in just nine games this season due to his injury.

Many speculated on what kind of message the Spurs star's absence sent.

"Kawhi's not even on the bench supporting his teammates? That's kind of weak," one person tweeted.

At least one person pointed out that despite Golden State's Stephen Curry's knee injury, he was on the bench supporting his team.

Another pondered what would be said of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James had he done the same thing Kawhi did.

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