Clubhouse renovations underway at Wolff Stadium

AAA Missions will have over 4,000 square feet of space in the stadium

SAN ANTONIO – A new league, a new affiliate and now, new player amenities are headed to Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium. 

"So much has happened since this ballpark was built, and now that we're AAA , player expectations are a little different than what we've been used to," said San Antonio Missions team President Burl Yarbrough.  

The improvements coincide with the Missions' move to AAA as the Milwaukee Brewers' affiliate. For the first time since The Wolff was built in 1994, player areas like the clubhouse, weight room, rehab areas and batting cages are getting a complete overhaul. The renovations will give the team an extra 1000 square feet of space to accommodate a larger AAA roster. 

"We're putting the players first," said Missions' Asistant General Manager Mickey Holt. "We're going to have a lot of guys that are coming back and forth between here to the big leagues, so we've got to accommodate those guys and take care of their needs."

The price tag for the improvements? Around half a million dollars. The city of San Antonio will provide about 70 percent of the funding with the Missions footing the bill for the remaining 30 percent. The team hopes it's a worthwhile investment to ensure both a winning team on the field and happy parent club. 

"This was the main thing that we wanted to do for our first year in AAA team was ensure that our player facilities were up to par and that our players are comfortable," Yarbrough said. 

The Missions' first home game as a AAA club will be April 9. The new season has brought changes in ticket prices. Below is the full slate of 2019 ticket prices:

2019 Day of Game Ticket Prices
Premium: $20
Box: $18
Infield Reserved: $15
Outfield Reserved: $13
Grass Berm: $8
2019 Advanced Individual Ticket Prices
Premium: $20
Box: $16
Inf. Reserved: $13
OF Reserved: $11
Grass Berm: $8