First-year head coach looks to restore Lytle’s culture after 1-9 season

Mike Trevino is focused on empowering his players so they can control their own destiny

LYTLE – The Mike Trevino era is officially underway at Lytle High School.

A first-year head coach, Trevino is taking it upon himself to bring back what the Pirates have been missing for so long.

In the last two seasons, the Pirates have only accumulated one win; last year, the team’s glaring internal challenges became evident.

“I remember the Cotulla game so vividly,” Lytle’s junior linebacker/receiver Luke Estrada said. “There were a lot of disciplinary things that we messed up in, and we only lost 6-0. It was just hard because I wanted to make the playoffs; I wanted to keep on playing because I love football.”

More important than winning football games, Trevino is focused on empowering his players so they can control their own destiny.

Trevino’s first head coaching gig was with the Lytle softball team, and it prepared him for this very challenge.

“Coaching females really changed my life, and it kind of projected me and gave me a spark to sustain and build a culture,” Trevino said. “Coaching females allowed me to create an approach of love, love first and leadership first.”

Now the question is if Lytle’s new leadership will translate to wins and allow them to compete for a title.

“It definitely feels a lot stronger,” Lytle’s junior safety/receiver Robert Inming said. “We’re definitely coming more together, and it makes me feel better, so I know that why have my back, and I have their back.”

The Pirates are only scheduled to play on their home turf three times this season.

The first is Friday night at 7 p.m. against an unfamiliar opponent in Carrizo Springs.

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