People pay to cuddle in San Antonio

Professional cuddlist says cuddling can improve your health

SAN ANTONIO – It's a trend that has spread across the world, the service of paying someone to cuddle with you.

"It's a real need, even in San Antonio," professional cuddlist Janet Trevino said.

As the first in the San Antonio area to provide the service, Trevino is seeing an increase in clients, all playing $80 an hour to be held.

"I didn't realize how amazing and powerful it can be, until I met people," Trevino said. "I met real people that need touch."

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Through cuddlist.com, someone can request a session with Trevino. From there, the client goes through a screening process before their appointment.

Once at their appointment, the client will be told the rules and have to agree to a code of conduct.

"I do a screening and I ask questions," Trevino said. "I explain to them that it's non-sexual, it's platonic, and that it's nurturing and for mental and physical health."

According to Trevino, the health benefits including reducing stress, improving your immune system, your cardiovascular system and your heart health.

"Once you can relax those muscles and clear your mind, then everything works a lot better," Trevino said.

The popularity of the service continues to grow as more cuddlist in the area are popping up and becoming certified. 

All cuddlists guarantee 100 percent confidentiality and promises a healthy, nurturing experience.

"It can be lying around, it can be doing a lot of talking," Trevino said. "We can watch movies. Just imagine what you can do having that human contact."

If you are interested in finding out more about Trevino and setting a cuddling appointment, click here.

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