World's tallest man, shortest woman hang out

Rare sight grabs attention of tourists in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt – Visitors at Egypt's Giza Pyramids were treated to a rare sight Friday, when the world's tallest living man and shortest living woman stood side-by-side.

Sultan Kosen, 35, is 8 feet 3 inches tall and is one of only 10 people in recorded history measured at eight feet tall. His counterpart, Indian-born actress Jyoti Amge, 24, is barely 2 feet tall, measuring 24.7 inches.

Kosen and Amge were invited to the country by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board. The move was part of a campaign to revive the country's struggling tourism industry.

In addition to her notoriety as the shortest living woman in the world, Amge has appeared in the cable TV series "American Horror Story."

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