Plates, trays fly as Chacho's employees, pink-haired patron brawl

Video posted to Facebook Friday shows fight at Callaghan Road location

SAN ANTONIO – Video of a shouting-match-turned-brawl at a Northwest Side Chacho's is being shared widely on social media.

The video, posted Friday by Mikayla Hartfield, shows a woman with camouflage clothing and pink hair approach the food pick-up area of the Mexican restaurant located on Callaghan Road before employees behind the counter chuck ceramic plates and plastic trays at the woman. The plates fly out of frame, but can be heard shattering.

The shouting continues as the woman with the pink hair shoves other trays at the pick-up area.

Most employees behind the preparation area of the Chacho's clear the area, leaving the woman in a camouflage shirt that says "SAVAGE" and a Chacho's employee to continue shouting at each other.

Employees of the Mexican restaurant can be seen attempting to deescalate the situation as the woman in the "SAVAGE" shirt begins walking away from the pick-up counter and another employee emerges from behind the counter shouting, "I'm right here."

Bystanders and employees distance the pair from each other as the shouting continues. A woman in a light pink romper appears to join the woman in the "SAVAGE" shirt in her shouting before they are both escorted out of the building.

Patrons of the restaurant looked on at the chaos in disbelief and the video ends with the woman behind the camera saying, "Worldstar."

The video, which was captioned, "Dinner and a show at chacos !!" (sic) has been shared more than 1,600 times since it was posted Friday night. 

Some joked that the woman was upset because they put "too much cilantro in her tortilla soup," or "messed up her king kong nachos." 

Hartfield said by the time police arrived at the Chacho's, the employees that threw the plates and the woman in the camouflage had left. 

She said she isn't sure why the fight started, but said she suspects it because the food was taking too long to come out.

WARNING: Offensive language is used in the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.