U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales sails to nomination in Congressional District 23

Democrat John Lira will face off against Gonzales in November

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Tony Gonzales*(R)
Alma Arredondo-Lynch(R)
Alia Garcia(R)
100% of Precincts Reporting

(351 / 351)




John Lira(D)
Priscilla Golden(D)
100% of Precincts Reporting

(360 / 360)

Election Results

12 a.m. John Lira appears to have secured the Democratic spot for U.S. Representative District 23 with 57% of the vote. Priscilla Golden trailed behind with 42% of the vote.

As of this writing, 83% of precincts reported.

If the results hold, Lira will face off against Gonzales for the U.S. Representative District 23 spot on Nov. 8.

10 p.m. — With 142 of 351 precincts reporting, the Associated Press has called the Republican Primary for U.S. Representative District 23 with Tony Gonzales clinching the spot with 78% of the vote.

Alma Arredondo-Lynch followed behind with 15% of the vote and Alia Garcia with 6% of the vote. 24,035 votes have been counted for Gonzales and 4,616 votes for Arredondo-Lynch. 1,983 votes have been counted for Garcia.

In the Democratic primary, John Lira is leading with 57% of the vote followed by Priscilla Golden with 42% of the vote with 135 of 360 precinct reporting.

So far, 17,057 votes have been counted for Lira and 12,692 votes for Golden.


In 2020, Texas Congressional District 23 Rep. Tony Gonzales narrowly survived the Republican primary, beating Raul Reyes by only 46 votes.

After a full term in office, Gonzales has shored up his fundraising and hopes for a smoother primary race this year.

Between October and December 2021, Gonzales has raised more than $2.2 million, giving him a significant financial edge over his opponents, Alma Arredondo-Lynch and Alía Garcia.

Gonzales has become a more visible member of the Republican party, leading a delegation of peers to the border last year.

If Gonzales wins the primary, he would face a Democratic opponent in the general election in November.

Democratic candidates for the district include U.S. Marine Corps veteran John Lira and Priscilla Golden.

Though the district is often competitive, Republicans have represented Congressional District 23 since 2014.

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