Safety tips to know before Hurricane Harvey makes landfall along the Texas coast

Hurricane Harvey forecasted to become Category 3

SAN ANTONIO – Hurricane Harvey is slowly approaching land along the coast, giving Texans just enough time to be prepared before, during, and after the storm.

In a complete Hurricane Safety Guide provided by basementguides.com, here’s everything you need to know as Hurricane Harvey intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Before Harvey makes landfall, put together a hurricane emergency kit that includes: flashlight, batteries, cash, first-aid kit, shoes and helmets, non-perishable food, can opener, many gallons of water, special needs for babies, elderly and pets, any important prescription medications and a battery powered radio for any emergency updates.

Other important tips to learn and do before Hurricane Harvey hits, basementguides.com suggests covering your windows and glass doors, bring in all outdoor items, gas up vehicles, charge electronic devices, and create a hurricane emergency plan.

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Once Hurricane Harvey makes landfall, here are tips during the storm: Stay away from windows and doors, make sure to have access to emergency updates, turn off electricity in the home if flooding occurs, avoid flushing or using any appliances that require water and refrain from using open flames as a light source.

The aftermath of a hurricane can leave a catastrophic impact on the area affected and it's just as important to prepare for the aftermath ahead of time.

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In the guide provided by basementguides.com, make sure to contact family and friends, wait for authorities before returning home, avoid floodwater, debris, and any loose power lines, and take pictures of any damage to your home for insurance purposes.

Hurricane Harvey is forecasted to intensify up to a category 3, before making landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast.

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