RGV sector Border Patrol agents save Houston-area residents in distress after Harvey

Team makes more than 150 rescues

HOUSTON – The Border Patrol is used to water rescues along the border, but in the last few days, agents from the Rio Grande Valley have completed more than 150 rescue missions in the Houston area and they still have more to go.

A KSAT 12 News crew was there as Border Patrol agents searched a Kingwood neighborhood for anyone in need of help Wednesday.

Navigating through the neighborhood was no easy task, but agents had one big mission: bringing people to safety.

The agents have been helping since Monday. No area is too high or too low.

“The danger you can see, it's not raging right now, but there’s a lot of trip hazards. You don’t know where the curve ends, where the street begins. We don't know what’s in these waters,” said Rene Quintanilla, an RGV sector Border Patrol agent.

The mission required them to work around the clock. It’s something none of them hesitated to do.

Agents said the chance of saving people is their payout.

The team KSAT rode along with has made over 150 rescues since Monday. While they were out, they looked for any signs of life to find those that needed help.

"People have the fear that we are going to arrest them for immigration purposes, but that’s not our mission. Our mission is to rescue," Quintanilla said.

The team will be back at it Thursday and won’t leave until everyone is out safely.