SAWS crews restore water, sewer services in Port Aransas after Harvey hits

Crews will head to Rockport next


PORT ARANSAS, Texas – San Antonio Water System crews returned from Port Aransas on Friday after restoring water and sewer services there.

Port Aransas was one of the many towns hit hard by Harvey when it made landfall a week ago as a Category 4 hurricane.

The workers arrived Sunday night with 12 trucks, backhoes and several large generators.

Sending crews allowed Port Aransas employees to work on getting back on their feet instead of working to bring the city running water.

A SAWS employee said he's happy he could help in a time of need.

“It's very grateful for us to help them out, but at the same time it's sad seeing how devastating the whole thing is,” Carlos Hernandez said.

Crews will head to Rockport on Saturday to help out. Hernandez will be with them.

The wastewater system will be operational as soon as power is restored to Port Aransas.