See if your home is in a floodplain with this map

Map shows areas prone to flooding in San Antonio

San Antonio River Authority
San Antonio River Authority

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio River Authority has an interactive map you can use to see if your house or business is in or near a floodplain.

It’s important to note these are areas of San Antonio that are prone to flooding, it doesn't guarantee flooding will happen.

View the map here.

*Due to high traffic on the San Antonio River Authority website, the map may take several minutes to load. Zoom in to see your area and the blue areas indicate a floodplain. Foodplains can be seen all over San Antonio, if you don't see them just give the page an extra minute or two to load.

You can view all the weather alerts and warnings issued for your area on KSAT.com here.

Parts of San Antonio flooded Monday due to rain.

The potential for rain continues through the weekend and into next week, according the forecast at the time this article was published.

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