Fresh produce program helps needy families eat healthier

San Antonio Food Bank delivers fresh fruits, vegetables to YMCA

SAN ANTONIO – For the San Antonio Food Bank, delivering food to needy families is not just about providing meals but also helping create healthy eating habits.

Carlos Gutierrez, a Food Bank delivery driver, takes bags of fresh fruits and vegetables to a YMCA Center on Southcross Boulevard as part of its Farm Fresh Program.

"(I like) knowing that you're doing a good deed to provide food for families," Gutierrez said.

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The YMCA distributes the fresh produce weekly to about 70 families.

"It's a program that the community can come out and get some fresh produce", said Sarah Tabbutt, director of the Living Center. "With the amount of individuals on a fixed income, it allows them to be able to get produce and make those recipes. That is a great opportunity to have them learn about those fresh fruits and vegetables."

Recipes come with each bag of food distributed.

"It gives them a chance to try something different they might not try on a regular basis," Tabbutt said.

The donated food also gives families a chance to serve healthier foods to their children that will hopefully result in a lifetime of healthy eating habits. 

"We hear that in conversation, that they are making healthier choices", Tabbutt said.

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