Consumer Reports tests wireless speakers

SAN ANTONIO – With more of us keeping our music on our phones and tablets, the easiest way to listen without headphones is to use a wireless speaker.

Consumer Reports put some of the market's best wireless speakers to the test. 

If you're looking for good quality on the go, the experts at Consumer Reports say you're in luck.

"We're seeing a lot more choices, a lot more different colors, different styles of speakers, and while none of them are exactly cheap, they've definitely come down in price," said Jim Willcox, with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports ran tests on 31 portable wireless speakers for sound quality. 

"We're listening for the instrument, the strings of the instrument, how it's being plucked and played or bowed," said Elias Arias, Consumer Reports.

Among the better sounding ones tested was the Jabra Solemate Max. It's easy to set up, water resistant and costs about $300.

Also, the Sony SRS X7, which looks sleek and connects easily. It's pricetag is $250.

For about half that price, you can buy the new $130 Bose Soundlink Color for a Consumer Reports best buy. It's small, lightweight and even talks you through the set up process.

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