Odd, unusual jobs that pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars

Bizarre jobs can bring in big bucks

(Image via Pixabay.com)
(Image via Pixabay.com)

If the normal 8 to 5, Monday through Friday grind is not for you, there are a number of odd jobs out there that can pay big bucks.

Monster.com and Cheatsheet.com recently posted some unusual jobs where people can cash in. Here’s a look at some of those gigs.

Human bed warmer: 

According to Cheatsheet.com, a human bed warmer can make close to $200,000 a year.

Warmers are essentially paid by a hotel to jump in a bed, and make it warm and toasty for the guest sleeping there that night. 

Golf course bird remover and ball retrieval: 


Golf courses offer a variety of jobs, but two of the oddest are bird removal and ball retrieval specialists.

Birds can seriously damage golf courses so some clubs pay someone to chase them off the fairway.

Monster.com says people can also sell bird repellents and train bird-chasing dogs.

Ball retrieval specialist is not as strange, but someone can make big bucks if they do not mind diving into lakes or ponds to retrieve lost golf balls.

Computer hacker: 

Hacking has become more mainstream, but it is a unique skill that can pay very well.

Not all hackers have bad intentions, and the ones that are considered “ethical” hackers can help businesses solve major problems.

There are also bootcamps for certified hackers, and social media companies have used hackers in the past to help build their next big idea. 


Virtual real-estate agent:

The gaming industry is big business and can be an opportunity to make a good living.

Monster.com says someone can profit from selling game-based real estate for games such as the avatar-based "Second Life.” 

In other role-playing games, you can sell property or virtual homes for real money, but Monster.com says you have to be dedicated to playing the game as well. 

Luxury repo-man or repo-woman:  

Being a repo-man or repo-woman seems like a tough job, but it can pay very well if someone is interested in repossessing high-end assets, like jets or yachts.


The drawback is the job is very dangerous, but that’s the nature of chasing down multi-million dollar assets. 

Pet-Taxi Driver:

It’s no secret, people love their pets. People can cash in by being a pet-taxi driver for busy owners who need their pet picked up from the veterinarian office, the groomer or the kennel.

Monster.com says pay rates vary, but drivers usually have an hourly fee and fuel surcharges.

Decoy execs and bodies for hire:

It sounds strange, but people can rent out their body for money, and not for sexual purposes.

They can be hired to be a fake funeral mourner or a stand-in bridesmaids and groomsmen for a wedding.


Rates vary, but the pay is pretty good, and it appears to be a growing industry.

A similar gig is a decoy executive. Acting like a fake businessman to sit in corporate meetings is a real job in certain parts of the world. 

It’s known as corporate theater and adds some aesthetics to a high-level business meeting.

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