Man makes girlfriend wear padlock on jeans

Jeans locked to prevent infidelity


A man has admitted to padlocking his girlfriend's jeans shut in an attempt to prevent her from cheating on him.

Police say a woman came to police in pain after being unable to go to the restroom due to her jeans being padlocked shut. She told them her boyfriend put a padlock on her pants so she wouldn't be unfaithful to him, CNN reports.

Authorities say the woman lives in an impoverished, rural community in Mexico.

Police say the woman told them her boyfriend had done this before and that she was afraid of him. Police arrested her 40-year-old boyfriend and he admitted to putting the padlock on her jeans.

The woman refused to press charges once the man was detained, so the suspect was eventually released. He signed a statement promising to never again use a padlock against his girlfriend or abuse her in any other way.