Vicente Fernandez says he refused liver transplant because unsure if donor gay, drug addict

HOLLYWOOD - SEPTEMBER 16: Singer Vicente Fernandez performs during rehearsals for the 3rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. The Latin Grammy Awards will be held Septemeber 18 in Hollywood. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernández is coming under fire after telling a Spanish language talk show host he refused a liver transplant because he wasn't sure if the donor was a homosexual or a drug addict. 

Fernández told the host of De Primera Mano that in 2012, he was on tour in Houston when he found out he had cancer, which required him to receive a liver transplant.

In the interview, he explains he underwent surgery at a facility which he at first struggles to recall and the host inquires, "Houston?" Fernández then says he didn't undergo surgery in Houston and shares the story of how he not only refused a liver transplant, but also left the hospital against medical advice.

He told the host that medical professionals at the Houston facility wanted to "give him some other cabrón's" liver. Fernández said he told doctors that he couldn't sleep next to his woman with another person's liver, adding, "I don't even know if he was homosexual or a drug addict."

Fernández's refusal of the medically necessary transplant has drawn the ire of many on social media. Some said the comments were homophobic and some said they were angry about how flippant he was about the refusal of the organ transplant, since many patients can go years before finding a match.

"There's people in the world hoping to get a liver transplant, but yet #VicenteFernández refused a transplant cuz the donor might be gay," one person tweeted. Another said, "Vicente Fernandez is canceled."

Others, however, were not shocked.

"Everyone is mad that Vicente Fernandez is homophobic as if they didn’t expect an old straight machismo who sings rancheras to hate the gays," one person tweeted.

He told the host that he put on his clothes and tried to leave the hospital but doctors initially didn't let him leave. Medical professionals finally allowed him to leave in a wheelchair, Fernández said. 

See the interview below: