Parents, proceed with caution: This Michael Buble video is a gut punch

From boxes to a nursery to a child's room back to boxes? Tears

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Is it a coincidence, or not at all a coincidence, that this Michael Buble video is going viral -- right as school starts for so many children?

Maybe we're just all up in our feelings lately, especially as this latest crop of kids goes off to school for the first time, but here's a bold claim: If you're a parent, this video will destroy you emotionally.

Here, watch it for yourself.

At last check, the video had gotten more than 5.7 million views, and we can't decide what's more touching: the visuals shown in the video itself or the song.

The video shows the transformation of a child's room -- from boxes to a nursery to a child's room back to boxes. It really does go by that fast, doesn't it?

It reminds us of that saying, "The days are long but the years are short."

And Buble's lyrics are incredibly moving, too. The song starts lines, including, "First time I held you in my arms, I knew I'd love you all the way."

And then the chorus goes back to, "No matter what you do, I'm forever proud of you. I'll love you forever now."

It's a gut punch.

Know any parents who need to see this sweet video? Send them this link, then be sure to stop by with some accompanying tissues.

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