The ‘Tiger King’ reunion special is out and it’s as bonkers as you’d hope


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the rumored “Tiger King” reunion episode has officially dropped, and it’s just as wacky and bonkers as you’d hope it would be.

Seeing as the show was released just as people were starting to self-quarantine, it has gone on to be one of Netflix’s biggest recent hits.

Not only does the docu-series tell a crazy story, but given so many people are social distancing in their homes, it’s no surprise that it became a hit.

While a reunion with the entire cast on the same couch would have been epic, because of social distancing, catching up with the “Tiger King” folks had to be done via webcam interviews, and randomly, comedian and actor Joel McHale was the one asking the questions.

Most fans would probably want to hear from the “Tiger King” himself, Joe Exotic, but as we all know, Exotic is currently in jail, so that wasn’t really a possibility.

Another person from the show who fans would love to hear an update from, the notorious Carole Baskin, was also missing from the extra episode.

Baskin made a statement on her Big Cat Rescue website about the show shortly after it premiered a couple weeks ago, saying she was not happy about how she and her rescue center were portrayed in the series.

Considering all the speculation about what happened to Baskin’s husband, it’s not surprising that Baskin isn’t a fan of the show.

McHale ended up interviewing a lot of the supporting characters, such as Jeff Lowe, Rick Kirkham, Erik Cowie and Exotic’s former husband John Finlay, who is sporting a brand new set of teeth and a beard.

We won’t give away any major spoilers from the interview with the cast, but it was very interesting to hear how their lives have changed since the show premiered.

It seems that the most drastic change for some of the cast is that they now get recognized if they are out in public.

Saff, who ended up being one of the few likable characters, told McHale that he got recognized three times at a grocery store while trying to buy food during the pandemic.

It also seems that everyone in the cast has moved on from Exotic and thinks that he is a terrible human being.

While most of them once worked for him, it seems that Exotic burned all of his bridges before heading off to prison.

McCale also asked the cast members what celebrity they’d want to play them in a movie version of “Tiger King,” and it was pretty funny to hear their answers.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on Netflix and soak in every minute of the bonus episode of “Tiger King.”

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