Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ should be your next quarantine binge

Come for the incredible real estate, stay for the messy drama

Brett Oppenheim, Christine Quinn and jason Oppenheim from "Selling Sunset" on Netflix. ((Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images))

If reality TV is the only kind of reality you want to face during these uncertain times, then boy, do we have a show for you.

“Selling Sunset,” which just debuted its entire third season on Netflix, is everything you want in a reality TV show: High fashion, petty drama and the perfect amount of escapism.

The show follows the real estate agents who work at the Oppenheim Group, a swanky real estate brokerage that sells and buy the most luxurious and jaw-dropping homes in Los Angeles.

While it’s great to take virtual tours of these incredibly gorgeous homes that most of us will never be able to afford, the best part of “Selling Sunset” is watching the drama unfold, which is the real reason we tune in to reality TV, right?

First off, there is Chrishell, who comes in as the new girl at the Oppenheim Group -- and who is famously married to “This Is Us” hunk Justin Hartley, although if you keep up with tabloids, you’ll know the couple just announced a divorce late last year.

Chrishell is pretty well-liked, and she’s getting her foot in the door in the real estate business, but she’s also pretty naive. She’s treated like the new girl around the office, especially by the show’s villain, the ever-so-fabulously dressed Christine.

Christine is so great that it’s shocking she has’t been scoped up by another reality TV show before this.

She has one of those personalities where you’re either going to love her or hate her, and frankly, she’s OK with that.

Christine is a hustler through and through, and nothing is going to stop her from making giant commission from selling a house, or making it known to the other girls in the group that she’s top dog, even when some of the other agents are favored by the owners of the Oppenheim Group, twin brothers Jason and Brett, who are equally involved in the drama.

Season one and two of the show really establish the dynamic between the women who work at the real estate firm, but by season three, which just debuted, you’re totally invested into the lives of these characters. There are weddings, babies, and sadly for Chrishell, a very public divorce that slowly plays out in the new season.

If you’ve been a fan of “The Real Housewives” or any other TV show on Bravo or E!, “Selling Sunset” will feel right at home in your queue. It’s the perfect escape from the tumultuous world of today and into the glossy world of LA real estate, alongside some expertly placed shade and drama.

Come for the incredible real estate tours, and stay for the antics of this wild bunch of real estate agents whose lives you secretly wish you were living.

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