Oh no, ‘Tiger King’ is coming back for a second season on Netflix


It looks like Netflix is trying to cash in on the “Tiger King” phenomenon one more time.

The reality docuseries following a group of misfits who own and obsess over wild big cats (aka tigers) became a part of the pop culture zeitgeist in 2020 and introduced us to one of the greatest feuds of modern times, Joe Exotic vs. Carole Baskin.

“Tiger King” came at the perfect time at the beginning of the pandemic, when most people were stuck at home and needed some premiere escapism to forget about how stressful the real world was.

Our lives felt like complete disasters at the time, so to see a documentary series about people whose lives were far more insane and crazy than anything we could imagine was very comforting.

Life was stressful then, but at least you weren’t plotting to kill your rival big cat enthusiast, right?

“Tiger King” was like a “lightening in a bottle” moment, so it begs the question: Do we really need a season two of the series? (I mean, what is there to get an update on?)

Baskin already did a stint on “Dancing With The Stars” and her life remains just as weird and kooky as ever. Exotic is still in jail, even though he’s probably thrilled that all of America knows his name by now.

Are there updates on his case? Is he getting out of prison in the near future? What about that creepy Doc guy? Is there new evidence in the Baskin/husband case?

These would be updates that would be welcome in season two, but if there’s no big twist or major drama, then I may be tuning into something else.

Regardless, Netflix clearly wants to cash in one more time with “Tiger King,” and we all know Baskin is just dying to say “hey, all you cool cats and kittens!” to the camera again, so why not, right?

At least it will be a perfect reminder that your life isn’t as wacky and strange as theirs.

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