Where to turn for help

Addiction resource guide

A number of resources for substance abuse and addiction are available in Bexar County. The Center for Health Care Services provides several on its website, with numerous others available to help people or family members get information and help with recovery.

New Season

New Season’s vision is to strengthen community wellness and vitality by addressing opioid drug use with the most innovative health treatments available based on the latest science, research and proven models.

Phone: 888-436-6665

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Alpha Home

Alpha Home offers treatment for women and men for the uninsured. Alpha Home is a nonprofit treatment center that offers a pathway of help, hope, and healing through spiritually based drug and alcohol treatment and support.

Phone: 210-735-3822

Address: 419 E. Magnolia San Antonio, TX 78212

The Center for Health Care Services

The Center for Health Care Services focuses on adults, children, the elderly, and veterans in areas of mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. Key features of CHCS include a unique sobriety safe space and a specialized center for mothers.

Phone: (210) 223-SAFE or 1-800-316-9241

Center For Health Care Services: Juvenile Substance Abuse Services

Information Provided By: Center For Health Care Services

Provides weekly individual and group counseling sessions at the Josephine Unit, Juvenile Probation, and the Mitchell Street location using the CYT curriculum. Family support services are provided.

Phone: (210) 299-8139 
Address: 711 East Josephine San Antonio , TX  78208

Center For Health Care Services: Opioid Addiction Recovery Services (OATS)

Information Provided By: Center For Health Care Services

Serves adults with Opioid dependence with a minimum one year history of opioid dependence. Provides expedited coordination for admission to residential treatment. Services include Pharmacotherapy, methadone and Suboxon, medication management by physician; individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and comprehensive case management. Prenatal education classes for pregnant female consumers is required.

Phone: (210) 731-1320 
Address: 601 N. Frio San Antonio , TX  78207

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center Of Bexar County, Texas, Inc.
Information Provided By: Center For Health Care Services

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center (ARC) has been offering high quality non-detoxification substance abuse treatment in Bexar County since 1963. Located on a 26 acre campus in a rural setting in southeast Bexar County, the facility provides support, experienced and insightful counseling and group services, as well as education in substance abuse and relapse awareness, job readiness and life skills in order to prepare the client and his family for a healthy, productive and rewarding life after completing treatment. A vital group of alumni assist the client in integrating into a sober lifestyle and healthy relationships.

Phone: (210) 633-0201 x210
Address: 10290 Southton Road  San Antonio , TX  78223

Behavioral Health Group - BHG San Antonio Treatment Center

An opioid addiction treatment center, BHG uses pharmacotherapy (maintenance and detoxification) in addition to counseling to treat the biochemical and psychosocial aspects of addiction. BHG’s outpatient treatment center uses Methadone or Buprenorphine medications in conjunction with counseling.

Phone: (210) 299-1614
Address: 519 E. Quincy San Antonio, TX 78215

Rise Recovery

Rise Recovery is a center where teens and young adults, along with their families, can receive help to overcome the effects of mind-changing chemicals.

Phone: (210) 927-4644 or (210) 697-9766
Address: Woodhull Center: 122 Woodhull San Antonio, TX 78214
Ironside Center: 10226 Ironside San Antonio, TX 78230