Texas wildlife: 11 resources & activities for kids

Whooping crane. Courtesy: FWC

Here are some educational activities and activity packets for children regarding Texas animals, conservation and wildlife.

Click the following links to download these activity books that can be used both at home and in the classroom.

1. Whooping cranes

The different packets include an introduction to cranes for kids preschool to second grade, exploring cranes and their habitats for third to fifth grade, learning about cranes communities and cultures for sixth to eighth grade and studies in cranes, genetic diversity and the linkage between people and cranes for ninth to 12th grade.

Click here to download the activity packets.

2. Black bears

This activity set includes a variety of bear activities like downloadable and printable children's books, online activities, coloring pages, songs, crossword puzzles, mazes and more.

Click here to download the different activities.

3. Houston toads

"An Educator's Guide to the Houston Toad" includes different classroom activities along with work sheets, descriptions and activity sheets.

Click here to download the 74-page guide.

4. Bald eagles

This educational activity guide is great for teachers and educators. It includes a thorough educational description of the species and their impact along with activities, a word search puzzle and a glossary.

Click here to download the guide.

5. Alligators

These include a variety of free alligator printables and crafts for young kids.

Click here to view the different downloadable printables.

6. Sea turtles

This sea turtle coloring and activity book includes a glossary of sea turtle related terms, a word search puzzle, information about sea turtles, a crossword puzzle, coloring pages, connect the dots and more.

Click here to download the book.

7. Ocelot

This classroom activity book teaches about the ocelot and its habitat and includes activities, a word find puzzle and educational descriptions.

Click here to download the book.

8. Prairie chickens

Attwater's packet includes a prairie chicken math activity, problem solving activity, educational descriptions and history, a word find puzzle and more.

Click here to download the activity packet.

9. Bats

"Frankie the Free-tailed Bat" is a downloadable short story with illustrations.

Click here to download the short story. .

10. Butterflies & gardens

"The Butterflies of Galveston County" is a downloadable guide for teens and adults interested in gardening and butterflies.

Click here to download the book.

11. Natural habitat & wildlife

This coloring book features different kinds of Texas wildlife and species with brief descriptions and coloring space.

Click here to download the book.

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