From Dust Bowl to the pandemic: Chronicling American resilience

Kristin Hannah, author of ‘The Four Winds,’ will be featured at San Antonio’s Book Festival

SAN ANTONIO – Kristin Hannah is a New York Times Bestselling author who wrote “The Four Winds.” She said it’s an American epic that chronicles the resilience of the people during the Dust Bowl -- the period of severe drought and dust storms in the Great Plains during The Great Depression.

Hannah said she brought this time period to life through the characters in the book. It focuses on Elsa, and about the experiences of a woman during an incredibly challenging period in American history. She also said its important to see history portrayed with women as the lead character.

“I just think that it’s really important to get sort of the fullness of stories out there to let people know what women were doing, let our daughters and granddaughters understand some of the the great courage that women have shown throughout history and some of the ways that we have had an important impact on the story,” Hannah said.

She said the book also focuses on a person’s connection to the land. It portrays Elsa’s life in a family of immigrants who refuse to move from the Texas Panhandle despite incredibly challenging circumstances.

“They stayed because their love for the land and their love for their way of life here was the most important thing to do to them. And they just maintained this hope that it would get better. And ultimately it did,” Hannah said.

Hannah said there are many lessons you can take out of the book, but it ultimately depends on who the reader is. However, she said the one moral people learn from the story is the importance of kindness.

“There are times in Elsa’s journey when the smallest of kindness from people can just make a disproportionate difference to her family. And I think, again, like right now, you know, it’s important for us to be kind to each other whenever we can because you just don’t know what somebody else is going through,” Hannah said.

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