Michigan town conducting laser show for first time to celebrate July 4

Marquette to hold laser show for people with sensory issues and PTSD

Courtesy photo. (Dustin Burkman)

As is the case with many towns across the country, Marquette, Michigan will hold a fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day.

But this year, the town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will have something else in addition for the first time.

On the night of July 4, the town is planning on conducting a laser show, as an option for people with sensory issues and veterans with PTSD.

The town planned to have a normal fireworks show on Monday night before holding the laser show a night later.

Anna Dravland, a former member of Marquette’s Fourth of July Committee, told www.uppermichiganssource.com said it was a “unique idea that would draw attention from all around the world.”

“We do get fireworks all over the country and all over the city, so we don’t lose fireworks, but we gain a sensory-friendly night,” said Dravland, who said she got the idea after having a stroke.

The laser show is scheduled to take place over Lake Superior at the town’s Lower Harbor.

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