Chef Spotlight: Chef Jason Dady

Top chefs make San Antonio a go-to city for tasty food

SAN ANTONIO – The culinary scene has become a driving force in San Antonio, not only bringing unique cuisine to the Alamo City but also giving back to the community.

One chef who is giving back in several ways and is always looking to push San Antonio's food culture forward is Chef Jason Dady.

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Dady attended culinary school in San Francisco before venturing to San Antonio in 2001.

"It was a great place for a young chef to make an impact and not be lost in the transition," said Dady.

Dady immediately began opening new restaurants and now owns three in the Alamo City as well a food truck, and just last year he collaborated with Steve Newman of The Friendly Spot to open B&D Ice House.

"I think for us we have always tried to open restaurants of places we want that maybe San Antonio didn't' have at the given moment," said Dady.

When Dady is not creating new chef-driven cuisine he is giving back and mentoring young chefs.

"The reality of it is my job is to help mentor these young chefs, so we can be a springboard for them and their careers."

As San Antonio continues to grow, Dady plans to open more restaurants and believes the restaurant scene will only get better.

For more on Chef Jason Dady you can visit his website, www.jasondady.com.

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