Pop Tarts and ranch dressing is not a thing, so don't make it one

Maker of sweet treat says people should not dip in condiment

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SAN ANTONIO – There are many ways to enjoy a Pop Tart. Whether it be a midnight snack, morning treat to start the day, toasted or straight out of the box.

And then there is ranch dressing, which is great in salads, topped on pizza or even dipping your vegetables in if you are watching your calories.

Dipping the sweet treat in ranch dressing, however, is a no-go. Not only would just about every person say that, the maker of Pop Tarts said so, too.

On its official Twitter page, the company responded to a tweet about dipping their strawberry Pop Tart in ranch dressing with a simple “that is just disrespectful.”

We completely agree!

As Texans, we might point out that the person who does the Pop Tart dipping in ranch dressing is from Oklahoma.