Elder Eats: Tenko Ramen at the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio

Enjoy ramen, chicken sandwiches, snacks and add-ons

SAN ANTONIO – This week, David Elder visits Tenko Ramen at the Bottling Dept. Food Hall at the Pearl Brewery near downtown San Antonio.

The restaurant offers several different kinds of ramen, including the classic Tokyo shoyu, as well as chicken sandwiches, snacks and add-ons.

"We offer a lot of different types of ramen, you can customize each bowl, anybody can find something they'll enjoy," said Qualey Watson, the co-owner and chef.

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Per Elder, the ramen bowls tastes like "comfort food." And almost everything is made in-house.

Contact the restaurant on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or just visit them in person. Come hungry.

312 Pearl Pkwy., Suite 6112
San Antonio TX 78215
+1 (210) 267-2996


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