Chris Madrid's flipping burgers again

Iconic hamburger joint temporarily operating out of food truck

By Stephanie Serna - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Chris Madrid's is open for business again.

The iconic hamburger joint is temporarily operating out of a food truck at the corner of West Hollywood Avenue and Blanco Road, across the street from where the restaurant served burgers prior to a fire in October that heavily damaged the building.

The temporary location has a drink station, a bar and an area for customers to enjoy the delicious burgers that made the restaurant famous.

"This was basically in response to me realizing, pretty early on, that we weren't going to be back in our main building for some time," said owner Richard Peacock. " (We're) just trying to get back in front of our customers and our friends as quickly as possible. So, we decided to buy the tents and the new tables and chairs, and to hopefully come up with a setup that feels still like Chris Madrid's."

The new location opened last week and, with the warmer and sunny weather, many customers came Monday for the first time since October.

"So far, it's great," said David Hafernik, a longtime customer. "It tastes the same as it did before, just as good as it used to be."

"Everything looks good," said Virginia DeLeon, a customer. "I love the environment, actually. I like the tents and stuff. It's awesome."

Peacock said he hopes to open the original Chris Madrid's by mid-summer. He said he and his staff are working hard to have the location up to code and he is looking to double the size of the kitchen and renovate the patio.

"What we're trying to do is make sure, when we build something new, it still feels like Chris Madrid's," Peacock said, "and still ends up being a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of who they are or where they come from. That's really been one of the hallmarks of Chris Madrid's."

Peacock said Chris Madrid's daughter, Lisa Waller, is helping design the renovated restaurant.

"Also, she's going to help us go through all the memorabilia and display it in a way that really tells his (Chris Madrid's) story."

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