5 reasons to visit San Antonio's new Puerto Rican bakery

Flavor Favs: The Point Panaderia & Cafe

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - For the past six months, The Point Panaderia and Cafe has been operating at 6828 San Pedro Ave.

The owner, Jose Sanchez, came to the mainland and could not find his favorite baked goods anywhere.

Sanchez taught himself how to make his pastries, and with help from his son-in-law, was able to open his own business.

Below are five reasons you should try it:

1. Can't find anywhere else

"These are sweets you can't find at any other bakery in San Antonio," co-owner Joel Ramos said. The menu consists of baked goods called quesitos, tornillos de crema and pan sobao. While the bakery does include familiar items like donuts, don't leave without trying some of the Puerto Rican pastries.

2. Pan Sobao

The main bread you will find at The Point is Pan Sobao. It is a fresh bread the majority of the menu items are made of. It's not your typical loaf of bread. "It's something you don't find here in the city," Ramos said. "It's not French bread, it's not toasty but it's really soft."

3. Breakfast & Sandwiches

The Point Panaderia and Cafe is open early every day of the week for breakfast. Besides the pastries you can also order breakfast sandwiches or breakfast plates. Speaking of sandwiches, the lunch options include a variety of options. We recommend trying the Cuban sandwich or the Tripleta sandwich.

4. Affordable

What's best about dining out on great food is when the prices are affordable. The Point Panaderia and Cafe keep the prices low. For breakfast a ham and egg sandwich with a coffee will cost you only $5. For lunch, a large sandwich is $7. 

5. Family 

This restaurant was started by a family and the idea is to keep it welcoming for all. You are instantly greeted when you walk in and made to feel like you are at home. The owner's idea was to make the place so that anyone could come by and enjoy any day of the week and stay as long as they wanted. 

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