Investigator allegedly attacked during visit to reputed haunted hospital

‘A Haunting in South Texas' visits the old Yoakum Community Hospital

YOAKUM, Texas – Abandoned since the 1990s, the old Yoakum Community Hospital is now considered by some people to be a hot spot for paranormal activity.

The night visited, it was a week after Hurricane Harvey hit. The building still had some water inside from flooding. As we entered, the climate and mood quickly changed.

“As you walk in you feel heavy. The environment, the ambiance, just feels very heavy,” San Antonio Paranormal Investigations lead investigator Guillermo Fuentes said. 

Take a look inside the first abandoned hospital visit in 2015.

There wasn't much activity on the first floor but the second floor was different.

The second floor was the scene of a murder in 1992. A nurse was killed by her estranged husband in the waiting area.

As soon as we entered the floor, Fuentes said he saw something down the hallway.

“I saw an actual person,” Fuentes said.

Psychic Debrah Tudor then said she felt the presence of something dark lingering around us. 

Hear the voice of an apparent ghost inside abandoned Floresville Hospital

We went farther along the second floor to the Special Care Unit. In there, we did an EVP Session and were quickly startled when Fuentes claimed to have been grabbed by something.

When the lights were turned on, Fuentes had three deep scratches across his arm.

After a break we entered again, this time heading straight to the third floor.

Immediately, Tudor said to Fuentes that whatever attacked him in the second floor was not done with him. 

As soon as she spoke, Fuentes was again attacked, this time suffering two scratches across his neck.

From that point on, Fuentes refused to re-enter and we ended our visit.

Later audio recordings revealed something very sinister.

During the first attack, a diabolical laugh can be heard during the commotion of us tending to Fuentes.

You be the judge, but this is one place we may never enter again.

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