Go inside San Antonio home full of haunted dolls

'A Haunting in South Texas' returns

SAN ANTONIO – It is Season 4 of "A Haunting In South Texas," and the first stop is a private home in San Antonio with a collection of dolls and other items -- including Ouija boards and antique furniture -- that the owner says are haunted.

The owner, Roxy, refers to herself as an empath.

"I've been able to feel things and see things mostly through dreams," Roxy said.

For years, Roxy has believed some of the dolls and items she's collected have called out to her and connected with her.

"It was a calling to me to bring them here, and they actually work as protectors more than anything else," Roxy said. 

Inside the house, there is a room where all of the items are on display, including her large collection of dolls. 

Roxy said each doll has a spirit attached to it, and some are pretty active inside her home.

"We have glasses move, plates move, we have things that are out of place," Roxy said. "We'll find the other dolls on the floor and other dolls broken."

Online, Roxy has posted some of these mysterious events and electronic voice phenomena -- or EVPs -- captured on audio.

The night KSAT.com's Erica Hernandez and Adrian Garcia visited, members of the San Antonio Paranormal Investigators captured some evidence that may prove Roxy's claims that her home is haunted.

You be the judge.

First is this photo, which shows what appears to be a face in the window staring inside.


Next is a spirit box -- which allegedly captures snippets of speech that become from spirits trying to communicate -- was used outside.

Because her house is built on what she said is old Native American land, Roxy said she believes the home itself is haunted.  

The spirit box seems to capture the sound of a woman saying "I'm here" and then identifying herself as "Edith."

Roxy said her neighbor, Edith Camp, was murdered in her home in 2003.

Was the voice we heard Edith trying to communicate?

While something may be there, Roxy said she has no plans on moving and will continue to collect haunted items and showcase them like a museum and prove to others that paranormal activity does exist. 

"When it comes to the paranormal, most people are afraid and don't understand the paranormal,” Roxy said. 

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