Pizza Patron pizza name causes controversy

La Ch!#gona can be really good, really bad depending who you ask

A Texas pizza chain's decision to name a pie after a popular Mexican slang word is creating a lot of social media buzz.

The new pie by Pizza Patron is named "La Ch!#gona,"  which can mean something really awesome or really offensive -- depending who you ask.

According to the Dallas-based company's website, the new ad campaign featuring personalities will not be permitted to air on a number of major radio networks.

"The decision to ban the spots over the name La Ch!#gona doesn't make much sense to us," said Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patron. "We are being selectively censored to protect the Mexican listeners from so-called potentially 'offensive' language. These same networks regularly feature songs and talk-show dialogue that is much more risqué than anything we are doing."

The website claims that according to Real Academia Espanola, the official royal institution responsible for overseeing the Spanish language, the definition of the word 'chingon' is defined as follows: chingon, na. 1. adj. street slang. Mex. "Said of a person who is competent in an activity or knowledgeable in a specific area."

Like the heat it's getting on social media, the pizza is spicy with plenty of pepperoni and jalapenos.

Pizza Patron has 11 restaurant locations in San Antonio.

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