Behind the Kitchen Door: Little Red Barn Steakhouse fails inspection

Little Red Barn briefly shut down, Residence Inn SeaWorld also fails health inspection

SAN ANTONIO – A popular San Antonio restaurant on the Southeast Side failed its recent health inspection and was briefly shut down.    

Little Red Barn Steakhouse at 1836 S. Hackberry Street claims they serve 1,000 steaks a day. They received 34 demerits on their latest inspection.

  • The inspector said a roof leak during stormy weather was contaminating the grills and kitchen area.
  • Repairmen worked fast, the staff cleaned up and the restaurant re-opened after about an hour.
  • There were many other major violations such as no method for tracking the temperature of salad dressings, and a dishwasher that was not sanitizing dishes.

The manager says all the issues have been corrected and they've even gone to single serve salad dressings, which she says customers won't like. Little Red Barn is open and they await the inspector's follow-up visit.

Residence Inn SeaWorld located at 2838 Cinema Ridge, across Ingram Park Mall, serves a complimentary breakfast. Their kitchen failed a recent inspection with 31 demerits.

  • The inspector watched an employee rub their face then go back to preparing food without washing their hands.
  • The inspector saw an employee skip the sanitizing step when washing a pan used to make eggs.
  • And the dish rack used to dry dishes was dirty itself.

The manager tells KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door all issues have been "rectified." He also said staff training issues have been addressed. The report says the health inspector is not planning a re-inspection.

Metro Health handed out perfect scores to the following restaurants:

  • Alamo Molino on Commercial Avenue.
  • Corner Pocket Grill on Austin Highway.
  • Cracker Barrel on Interstate 10 West.
  • Tequila Island Grill on Roosevelt Avenue.


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