Peanut Lofts set to open downtown

Latest downtown housing development to open will preserve old silos

SAN ANTONIO – Housing construction is becoming a downtown staple with the latest new development set to open its door in December.

The Peanut Factory Lofts, at 939 S. Frio, will offer housing to students at the downtown campus of UTSA.

"We're just a few blocks from UTSA, so it will be quite a few students who live in this complex," said Russell Yeager, vice president of BIG RED DOG San Antonio. "And it will also be opened up to just general market rate folks who want to be in the area, so its going to be kind of a mix."

Rebecca Mansfield, with Catamount Constructors, says the development will put a dent in the lack of anticipated development around the UTSA campus.

"With this being the first Class A project not just in this area west of downtown - but on the west side period - that will also offer another option for students to go to," she said.

The lofts will be made up of 98 units- 30 percent of which will be leased to students and university professionals, according to San Antonio's Center City Development Office, which touts the project as bringing "some much needed economic activity to the area as well as introduce some income diversity to an otherwise predominantly low-income neighborhood."

The silos of the old Birdsong Peanut Factory will be retrofitted to become housing units, as well.

On top of the silos will be a 3,000 square foot penthouse, which has already been leased.

"I think one of the reasons San Antonio got it right versus other major metropolitan cities around the United States is we've really looked at what we are as a culture and have really decided to preserve those buildings versus tear down and build all new," said Mansfield."

The Peanut Lofts begin leasing in December.

"Downtown is a vibrant place to be every single night - not just when the Spurs win or when there's a conference downtown," Yeager said. "So every single night it will be fun to be down here."


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