Can you believe she's pregnant? Model's small belly stirs controversy

Model nearly nine months pregnant receives backlash for Instagram pics


A model's small baby bump is stirring up big controversy on social media.   

Sarah Stage, 30, is nearly nine months pregnant, but is receiving some backlash for pictures she's posted on her Instagram account documenting her pregnancy. 

In the photos, Stage can be seen proudly showing off her defined abs and baby bump.

Those images have also caused internet users to question the baby's health and whether Stage is putting her own figure ahead of her child's.

Other users have commended Stage on her physique and health, and say she is an inspiration.

Stage said she only works out twice a week and admits that while her baby bump is hard to see, it has grown.

Stage said she has gained 20 pounds since her pregnancy began and her doctors say she and her baby are healthy. She says that's all that matters to her.

Doctors say there's no one-size-fits-all formula as far as pregnancy is concerned, and as long as a woman has gained a healthy weight, then its acceptable.

Below are some more images posted on Sarah Stage's Instagram account:

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