Officials: Guadalupe River too dangerous for tubing

Businesses along river bank suffering from recent floods


SATTLER, Tx – Businesses along the Guadalupe River south of Canyon Lake Dam are starting to feel the effects of Mother Nature.

Tubing outfitters had to put the tubes under lock and key Tuesday.

After the recent rains and subsequent flooding along the Guadalupe River into Canyon Lake the Army Corps of Engineers are having to release water at rate that is too fast for tubing.

"It's pretty tough for everybody along the River Road to tell you the truth," said Bill Perkins, owner of Rio Guadalupe Resort.

Water from Canyon Lake is being released down river at a rate more than 5 1/2 times than what is safe for tubers.

"It's moving fast and there are a lot of hazards out there no one has seen in years," said Mike Dussere, general manager for WORD, Water Oriented Recreation District, they oversee the Guadalupe River in Comal County.

"Going out there not knowing what you are doing is just a recipe for disaster," Dussere said.

Perkins does more than rent tubes, he has a resort and his cabins are full for this upcoming weekend, but guests will not be allowed to use the Guadalupe River.

"Unfortunately they have to go to the Comal River or a guided raft trip," Perkins said.

That is exactly what WORD recommends for those seeking fun on the Guadalupe -- a guided trip.

"They have trained guides they know the river, they know how to deal with whitewater and navigate through it and keep you safe." Dussere said.

Tubing businesses aren't the only ones affected by the heavy floodwaters, Horseshoe Grill owner Diane Newsome says these days not many customers are walking through the door.

"When the water goes down we will have a lot of people cause they will know we do have water instead of years past when the water was so low," Newsome said.

Dussere said the river may be ready for tubers in two to two and a half weeks, of course that depends on Mother Nature.

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