Hulk the giant pit bull fathers adorable litter of puppies

Mini-Hulks to be sold for up to $55,000 dollars each


SAN ANTONIO – Hulk the giant, 175-pound pit bull is now the proud father of eight adorable pit bull puppies.

A new video posted on YouTube (below) shows the first-time dad cuddling with his litter of mini-Hulks.

The giant pit bull lives with his owners Marlon and Lisa Grannan and their young son, Jordan, at their home in New Hampshire. The couple breeds protection dogs and began posting photos of the puppies last week on their Facebook page.

The Grannans believe Hulk's puppies could be worth up to $55,000 each.

"If the litter of puppies, if they were all trained as protection dogs, they could be worth in excess of half-a-million dollars, absolutely," Marlon Grannan said. "This is definitely one of the most valuable litters we've ever had."

Hulk became an internet celebrity when a Feb. 2 YouTube video of him went viral.

His owners say he's a gentle giant and a great dad to his little ones.

"He's such a big baby with them. He'll lay down, lick them. He's an awesome dad," Lisa Grannan said.

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