Florida competition targets pythons in Everglades

Annual Python Challenge runs through Feb. 14

Photo Courtesy: Facebook.com
Photo Courtesy: Facebook.com

The Python Challenge is an annual competition in Florida, intended to help the state remove as many Burmese pythons as possible.

This year’s challenge started Jan. 16 and it will run through Feb. 14. 

An officer from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation captured and killed a snake that measured 16 feet, 10 inches in the Rocky Glades Small Game Area this year. 

The massive reptiles are a threat to local wildlife, including native birds, small mammals and other reptiles.

Seventeen Burmese pythons were submitted for the contest during the first two days.

The python challenge was started as a conservation project to help protect the Florida Everglades.

Only certain areas are approved for python removal, and participants must register for the event.


Cash prizes are awarded in four categories. The grand prize is $5,000 in cash for the most pythons collected as a team. 

The largest python ever captured in Florida measured 18 feet, 7 inches and was caught in Miami-Dade in 2013.

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