Report blames BCSO deputy, victim for deadly accident

Dep. Richard Hammock hit Lawrence Kindel with patrol car Feb. 2


SAN ANTONIO – A report released by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office Wednesday blamed one of its deputies and the pedestrian he hit and killed for the Feb. 2 accident.

The report said at 6:45 p.m., Deputy Richard Hammock "was responding to a non-emergency call traveling eastbound on Donop Road when he struck a pedestrian walking in the same direction on the eastbound lane."

The report lists two factors in the accident: the deputy's speed, which his patrol vehicle recorded between 48-55 mph in the seconds before the crash, and the pedestrian failing to yield the right of way.

That pedestrian, Lawrence Kindel, 33, later died at a hospital.

The posted speed limit on Donop Road is 35 mph. The road has no sidewalk and is poorly lit.

Last week, the sheriff's office released data from the patrol vehicle showing the deputy was speeding. A spokesman said deputies are authorized to speed when they're going to an emergency call.

Hammock took time off from duty after the accident. He recently returned to work where he is on "ride only status" until the department's Accident Review Board completes its investigation of the accident.