City councilman pushing for pedestrian safety changes

‘Don't Block the Box' campaign goal is to stop drivers from blocking cross traff

SAN ANTONIO – A city councilman is pushing to raise awareness on an issue he said puts pedestrians in danger.

District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana asked the Transportation and Capital Improvements Department to identify problem intersections in San Antonio back in May.

Saldana said one of them is located right in his district.

"We have an intersection at Valley High and Spring Vale, just outside the gates of Lackland Air Force Base, where we have many folks who are trying to beat a red light and they wind up in the middle of the intersection, blocking the crosswalk," Saldana said.

Saldana hopes by launching a "Don't Block the Box” educational campaign, they can stop drivers from blocking cross traffic, making crosswalks a little safer.

"You see accidents not only involving fender benders and collisions, but in a few incidents, a pedestrian has actually been hit because there is no space for a pedestrian in that box, that crosswalk,” Saldana said.

Tina Santee said she sees the problem downtown.

"They block the walkway all the time," Santee said. "The few times we've been here, they block the walkway. It makes it difficult, kind of scary at times."

Right now, people can be ticketed if they stop your car in the middle of a crosswalk. However, part of the "Don't Block the Box" campaign will include putting signs up, letting drivers know not to block the crosswalk.

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