SAPD still looking for evidence to link killer to murder of Heidi Seeman

Seeman, 11, killed in August 1990


SAN ANTONIO – Over the last 25 years, San Antonio police have had leads -- and even named a possible suspect in the murder of Heidi Seeman, 11. They have never been able to file charges against anyone in the case.

After spending the night with a friend, Seeman started walking home on Aug. 4, 1990. Her friend walked with her for a while, leaving her at Stahl Road and Willow Run Street.

Three weeks later, on Aug. 25, Seeman's decomposed remains were found on isolated property off County Road 220 in Hays County. An autopsy revealed she was the victim of a homicide.

Police believe someone kidnapped Seeman. Witnesses described a shiny red car with tinted windows and a thin ride stripe down the side driving in the area around the time Seeman would have been walking home.

In 2015, a detective who investigated the case named Jerry Nabor, an ex-con and drifter as the killer. He said prosecutors would not accept a charge against Nabor because of credibility issues with the people who had seen the man with Seeman. Those witnesses had criminal records.

SAPD's Cold Case Squad is still investigating the crime. If you have any information, call 210-207-7635.