Rep. Castro holds town hall, discusses immigration, health care, national security

Castro says there is "no leadership at the White House"

SAN ANTONIO – Rep. Joaquin Castro will be taking feedback from Monday night’s town hall with him to Washington.

Crowds of people gathered at Memorial High School to participate in Castro’s town hall. One of the main topics addressed was immigration. Castro referenced the recent crackdown on immigration and said he feels President Trump’s administration is limiting both legal and illegal immigrants.

“There is no leadership at the White House, and because of that there is a lot of chaos on so many of these issues,” Castro said. “That’s why there are so many people here, because people feel like there is a lot of unrest.”

A White House spokesperson said the administration’s emphasis is on removing serious criminals who are in the U.S. illegally.

Castro answered questions about health care and cybersecurity. He said he is pushing for a base level of security that all states should have when it comes to elections.  

While the White House has called the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act an “important step forward,” Castro said he wants to protect the qualities of the act.