Dog barely survives after being thrown from second story window, slamming into concrete stairs

Man accused of crime; dog recovers at Animal Care Services

SAN ANTONIO – Head trauma, broken bones and internal bleeding were just a few of the shocking injuries a small rat terrier named Ruby sustained after being thrown from a second story window earlier this month.

The man accused of throwing Ruby has been arrested, police said.

Ruby shook from pain and fear on a bed at Animal Care Services, but she's still alive.
On the night of Dec. 2, residents in the Warren Village Apartments complex on Fredericksburg Road called police, saying a man had thrown animals out his second story window.

"We found Ruby laying down in visible pain. Miraculously, she survived being thrown from the window twice, being bashed against concrete steps," said Joel Skidmore, field supervisor of Animal Care Services.

Skidmore said a cat named Midnight was also thrown from the window. However, she was able to get up and run away.

After a joint ACS and San Antonio Police Department investigation, 45-year-old Demetrius Fernando Morgan was arrested in connection with the crime, authorities said.

Morgan's arrest affidavit showed that he and a victim — the woman he'd been living with — got into an argument outside their apartment. It went on to say, "The defendant became upset after the victim told him to leave and not come back."

Multiple witnesses told police they saw Morgan throw the dog and heard it crying.

"This is a felony case. This is torture. Completely unacceptable and unwarranted pain and suffering," Skidmore said.

ACS veterinarians are still trying to curb the pain and suffering for little Ruby. She's recovering from head trauma, broken ribs, fractured hind legs, bruised internal organs and internal bleeding. 

Vets are keeping Ruby in a quiet room away from other animals because of the severity of the abuse and because the case is still under investigation. She'll continue getting special care until she has recovered. The hope is that someone will eventually be able to adopt her.

Midnight has already been adopted and taken to a loving home. 

The case will be filed with the District Attorney's Office with the recommendation of felony charges. 

Anyone who sees an act of animal abuse or even suspects abuse is asked to call 311 so ACS can investigate. 

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