San Antonio Reddit user shows why you shouldn't purchase tamales from just ANYONE

'I'm fairly sure this constitutes a capital offense in San Antonio'

SAN ANTONIO – A photo of a San Antonio Reddit user's holiday tamale order is proof you shouldn't order your tamales from just anyone.

The Reddit user, who goes by the username Figsnbacon, posted a photo of what appears to be a stick of masa with green flakes. The person captioned the photo: "Never ever order tamales from new or unconfirmed sources."

Figsnbacon said they ordered their tamales from someone they found on the Next Door app and when they unwrapped their tamales at home, they were stunned.

"It’s a mom and pop business that was promoted on Next Door," the Reddit user explained to people also mortified by the sight of the tamale. "He said this is how they make them in Guadalajara. I’m sure the good people of Guadalajara would be mortified to be associated with these."

The Reddit user told KSAT, "This was supposed to be poblano and cheese."

Instead, Figsnbacon got what some called "cookie dough."

Figsnbacon told that they didn't want to share the name of the mom-and-pop vendor responsible for the tragic tamales and agreed with a fellow Texan who said the only person they could blame was themselves.

"Everyone and they mama know this rule," Reddit user whaaat316 jokingly remarked about Figsnbacon's caption.

Figsnbacon said they paid $15 a dozen, and that while the photo showcased the worst of the batch, it wasn't all that terrible.

"To be fair, most of the tamales did have filling, albeit the masa to filling ratio was way off," Figsnbacon told "They were more masa than anything. This particular tamale took the cake, so I took a pic for a good laugh."

When the Reddit user revealed they purchased the tamales in San Antonio, one person quipped, "I’m fairly sure this constitutes a capital offense in San Antonio. I’m calling the DA right now."